REO Speedwagon, Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, and The Godz: 6/10/1978


This is one of my earliest ticket stubs, possibly my oldest. I was very young when I went to this show and it was pretty crazy.

My mom drove my friends and me to the Suffolk Forum in Commack, Long Island, NY. We got there early and waited in line since it was general admission. I was with two of my friends: Tommy and Schnook. We went in and found seats in the stands for the first act, The Godz.

The Godz may be the archetype for bad 70’s hard rock. Years later, when I saw the film “This is Spinal Tap,” the mock metal band featured in the film reminded me of The Godz. They were so bad and so cheesy that they were actually good, if that makes any sense. I still have a vinyl copy of The Godz’s album, if you can believe that.

Next up was Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow. This was actually the band I was interested in seeing and the reason I went to this concert. At a young age, I was a big Deep Purple fan, so seeing the legendary guitarist’s new band was huge for me. At this time, Ronnie James Dio was the lead singer for Rainbow. Dio later went on to sing with Black Sabbath and after that he had a successful solo career.

My friends and I decided to go down onto the floor for Rainbow. It was insane, but we managed to get fairly close to the stage. Toward the middle of the set, Ritchie Blackmore took hold of the body of his Stratocaster and started smashing the neck of the guitar against the edge of the amplifier stacks. Soon pieces of guitar neck were sailing out into the crowd. Then, a piece flew toward us. I watched as the piece of guitar travelled through the air in slow motion and landed right in Schnook’s outstretched hand. He looked at me with a huge smile on his face, which lasted just a moment. Immediately, a fist came out of nowhere and punched Schnook in the face, and his rock and roll prize was snatched from his hand. We went back to the stands and Tommy and I watched as Schnook’s eye blackened and swelled shut. He told me that he actually saw stars when the guy punched him. I felt bad for him.

REO Speedwagon played next. I can’t tell you much about them other than they were OK. But I kept wondering why Ritchie Blackmore was opening for this band, which I had never heard of before. Of course, a few years later, REO would become super popular.

I learned an important lesson that day—concert’s were dangerous and if something sails into the audience from the stage, best to move out of the way.

Rock on!

11 thoughts on “REO Speedwagon, Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, and The Godz: 6/10/1978

  1. I would of loved to have seen this tour but it never came down here I was into the Godz as well as Rainbow but I never got that chance,REO I seen a few times but your right Rainbow should of been the headliner but back then a lot of shows had some outrageous line ups.


    • Actually saw Rainbow again sans Dio at the Sporto. That was a pretty cool show too, but not nearly as good as the first time I saw them. Got that stub somewhere in the big envelope 🙂


      • Hi Jeff Japp !

        I am an Italian rock fan and gig collector of many rock bands. Also RAINBOW. Well would be nice to learn more about RAINBOW gig you see without R.J. DIO, as I didn’t have any gig played by RAINBOW at Hollywood – Sportatorium between 1979 and 1983 during RAINBOW US Tours in my concert file log.
        Are you able to provide a gig date for this concert you witness ? Thanks in advance for your knindly attention and help too !

        Best Regards,
        Alessandro Borri


  2. Wow man…What a show! Too bad about your pal getting punched..thats fucked but people are nuts at these things at times…
    Great time to be a rock fan at this time in your life…I caught my first show a year later October of 1979!
    Were no Geezers!

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  3. That sucks about your friend…just for a piece of wood…that is crazy. Sounds like a great concert though. Yea that makes no sense them opening for REO at that time.

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