Paul McCartney: 4/15/1990


I’m bummed that this ticket has faded! What was it Neil Young said: “It’s better to burn out, than to fade away.” Still, here is the stub in all its faded glory.

I went to this concert with my good friend Lowell. It was a huge stadium show at Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami, and it was amazing.

First off, I should say that seeing a Beatle in concert was a really moving experience for me. My mom turned me on to The Beatles at a young age. To this day, I still have some of her old vinyl Beatles’ albums and listen to them with my kids (thanks to my brother for saving those and passing them on to me).

The concert was a solid mix of Beatles, Wings, and McCartney solo material. When you see McCartney live and start singing along with all his songs, you realize just how prolific he was and how much music he created that impacted our world.

High points of this concert? There were too many to list. Consider it one long high point. But the songs that really stand out in my memory are “Let It Be,” “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” (with a great liquid light show), and “Golden Slumbers Medley” as the final encore.

I was fortunate enough to see McCartney again with my daughters, many years later. But that’s another stub and another story.

“And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make.”

4 thoughts on “Paul McCartney: 4/15/1990

  1. I seen this as well,my stub is beat up as yours,I really didn’t enjoy it as much and the only reason is that I was so way in the back that even the big screens didn’t I was always one of those people that liked to be up front this was the farest I have been at any show in my life and to be honest this would be my last ROCK show as I was more into Heavy Metal from then on.but at least I can say I seen one of The Beatles as I grew up on them and still love them to this day.


    • Yeah, I was pretty close for this one. Saw him again at an indoor arena, which was very cool. Also got to see Ringo a couple times. He always has a killer band. Have to locate those stubs soon.


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