Heart and Blue Oyster Cult: 4/19/1981


While the stub only lists Heart and Blue Oyster Cult, there were several other bands at this all-day rock fest:

  • Firefall (don’t ask me how they managed to get on the bill)
  • Motorhead (they were cool)
  • Freewheel (a most forgettable act)

So a little bit about the Miami Baseball Stadium. Back then, Miami had no professional baseball team. The stadium was a dump that was used by northern teams for spring training. And occasionally, they would book a large show there. Since I was a huge BOC fan and I also really liked Heart a lot, going to this concert was a no-brainer.

As I mentioned, Freewheel was completely forgettable, and if it wasn’t for the wonders of the internet, I would never have even been able to tell you who was the first band that played. But Motorhead was very good. They rocked and got the crowd riled up. Unfortunately, Firefall sucked all the energy out of the crowd. It was kind of like being on a musical rollercoaster.

Finally, BOC came out. This was right before they released Fire of Unknown Origin, so they were still a powerful force in rock music. I had seen the Cult before, so I knew what to expect, and they delivered, tearing through a set of hits like “Cities on Flame,” “Don’t Fear the Reaper,” and “Godzilla.” During “Godzilla,” a huge Godzilla monster emerged from behind the stage, shooting menacing red lights from its eyes and breathing clouds of smoke. It was impressive.

Heart took the stage and proved that they deserved the headliner slot. They totally rocked! I was in the stands at that point, having spent most of the day on the open field and desperately needing a break. I remember feeling the stands trembling under the concerted stomping of feet as Ann and Nancy Wilson kept the crowd rockin’ after a long day of music.

It’s kind of weird to think back on this show, which was almost 35 years ago. Makes me feel old. But, one good thing about being old is that I was able to go to see great shows like this for less than what TicketMaster now charges as a “convenience fee.”

Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to go out and see some live music!

8 thoughts on “Heart and Blue Oyster Cult: 4/19/1981

  1. I wish I would’ve went to this as this was a history making event as far as Motorhead is concerned this was their first show in America,I didn’t get into the band until three months later and I been kicking myself for missing this since,they went on to join Ozzy tour after this,I remember hearing the ad on the radio and that name Motorhead stuck,that line up was kind of hard for me as I dig Heart and BOC but at that point I have had seen them so many times and you’re right Firefall what the hell.

    Surprised that of all the people that I heard of going to this had bad reviews about it,one was that Heart was pissed off because some security issue or something and that Motorhead sounded awful because the Heart PA couldn’t handle them but whatever,thanks for sharing this I’ll checkout the rest of your blog.


    • Hey. Thanks for your comment. You’re friends were correct–the sound sucked, but sound always sucked in Miami back then, especially at the Baseball Stadium or the Sporto. But good times none-the-less.

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  2. Hi, a little late to the party. I was at this show. I was 11 and under the “supervision” of my big brother and cousins. Freewheel was a local act and the only reason I remember them was because a man was by the turnstiles selling pictures of them and explaining to us who the were. Thanks for sharing. Motorhead was so loud I thought they were a quintet😂


  3. I was there. I could have sworn the local band was SkinTight. But it was a long time ago! Heart stopped the show and threatened to leave due to rowdiness and the stage being rushed. Decades later I heard a Heart interview on the radio. One of the questions asked was…”what was the worst show you ever played”? The answer…..Miami Baseball Stadium.!!!


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