GWAR: 12/3/2014


I’ve always kind of wanted to see GWAR, just because I have never been one to shy away from the bizarre. So when I saw that they were coming to the Orange Peel, with their new female lead singer Vulvatron, I had to reach out to my friends to see if anyone had the courage to go see them. Thankfully, my good friend Bill rose to the occasion.

Bill has a great music blog, Musoscribe,  so he gets passes to shows and sometimes gets to interview the artists. He said he would reach out to the promoter to see about getting us some comp tickets for the show. His email to the promoter, and the promoter’s response, are classic. I saved the email, so here is the exact verbiage:

Bill: One of my best friends assures me that I haven’t lived until I’ve seen the spectacle that is GWAR. They’re coming here to Asheville (The Orange Peel, mere blocks from my house) on Wed 12/3. If you’ll set me up with a show pass +1 (and – shudder – photo privileges if they’re allowed) I’ll review the show on the Musoscribe blog. Let me know. Thanks!

Promoter: God damn right you haven’t. I will put you on for 2 tickets and a photo pass. It’s first 3 songs, no flash. The other rule is duck and cover, and probably cover your equipment with plastic.

Because we knew that the band is known for their liberal spraying of fake blood and gore over the audience, we figured it would be prudent to go to Goodwill and purchase some throw-away white clothes. So with our old clothes, wallets and phones safely stowed in ziploc bags, we willingly entered the hellish realm of GWAR.

It was over the top! Words cannot adequately convey the image of Vulvatron spraying copious amounts of fake blood from her oversized prosthetic breasts onto a sea of crazed rockers. It was a spectacle most bizarre in nature. And yes, although I stayed more to the side, I did get hit a few times with the liquid gore.

GWAR is definitely not for the timid, but if you have a morbid sense of humor and appreciate over-the-top entertainment, then they are worth checking out. If you do, wear a white tee shirt, then you will leave with a one-of-a-kind tye-dye.

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