Jack White and Alabama Shakes: 5/19/2012


This was one of those rare concert opportunities. Two great acts in one small venue. The Orange Peel only holds about 1000 people, and there was a huge demand for tickets. Knowing that it would sell out fast, my friend Arwen and I took turns waiting outside the Orange Peel box office. We were lucky enough to get tickets, and yes, it sold out within 30 minutes.

Now, there was a potential conflict. During this time, I was a member of a glam rock band, The Glampas, and we had a gig scheduled for that night. And while I am not one to miss a gig, there was no way that I was going to miss this concert either. Luckily, it was an early gig and we finished our last set around 8:00. My band mates agreed to take my equipment home for me, so I was able to rush straight from the gig and made it to the Peel in time for the concert.

My wife and daughter were already there, and my daughter had a friend with her who was a huge Jack White fan. So the two teenagers made their way up front, while us older folk hung back.

I had heard that Alabama Shakes were good, but at this time I was unfamiliar with their music; but wow, was I impressed. They came out and ROCKED the house. High-energy performance, very tight musically, there was no doubt in my mind that they would be very successful.

Then Jack White came out and the crowd exploded. He had a great band backing him up and while most of the show was his new solo material, he did play some White Stripes and Raconteurs tunes as well.

After the lights came on and the show was over, my daughter and her friend returned from the front. My daughter’s friend’s face was streaked from tears of joy at having been so close to her favorite musician. I could relate. There have been times where live music has touched me that deeply. And that’s what makes going to concerts such a great experience. You will never feel that connection and energy from watching a screen. So go and check out some live music soon!

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