Marilyn Manson and Hole: 3/30/1999


So, this stub is misleading. Hole never played at this show. They were scheduled to, but Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson got into some pissing match and Hole backed out of the tour, which was a bummer because I actually wanted to see them more than I wanted to see Manson. But, I figured I would go and check out the show anyway.

I went with my friends Erin and Jim. We showed up a little late and missed Jack Off Jill, the opening act. It didn’t bother me since I had seen them open for the Genitorturers. So the first band we saw this night was Monster Magnet. In my opinion, there was nothing magnetic about these dudes. I was wholly unimpressed. I cannot tell you a single thing about them other than we sat in our seats the entire time.

After they were finished, we made our way down to the open floor for Marilyn, but not too close to the stage. I was already way too old to get sucked into a pit with crazed teenagers. And I was glad I didn’t. After the music started, people were coming past us leaving the pit, literally dripping with blood. This kind of freaked me out. Not that I cared if people chose to mess themselves up; I just didn’t want anyone bleeding on me. So after a little while, we went back to seats in the stands.

So my overall thoughts on Marilyn Manson? Meh. He was OK, but not great. I found I liked him better on recordings or in interviews than on stage. Maybe I was expecting something more outrageous. The “wildest” thing he did was pull down his pants and moon the audience, and frankly, his skinny white ass did nothing for me.

Thankfully, I got an opportunity to see Hole later on, but that’s another stub and another story.

Rock on!


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