Don Henley with Katrina and the Waves: 8/2/1985


In the 1980’s, before “Hell froze over” and the Eagles reunited, Don Henley had a pretty successful solo career. Despite his popularity, I wasn’t a huge fan of his music. It was OK, but a little on the pop-side for me. I probably would have passed on this show, but my girlfriend wanted to see him and I liked Katrina and the Waves (the opening act), so I figured why not.

Katrina was so fun. I really enjoyed her set. She was cute, cheerful, and energetic, just like in the “Walking on Sunshine” video which was playing on MTV about every hour. Her set alone was worth the price of admission.

Don Henley’s set was good. It was about what I expected. He played mostly his solo stuff with a few Eagles’ tunes tossed in (Witchy Woman, Desperado, Hotel California). It wasn’t great, but it didn’t suck either. It was OK. Basically, a fun date-night with the girlfriend.

When The Eagles reunited and I was the outrageous amount of money they were charging, I was disgusted and refused to go out of principle. At the time, concerts were still pretty cheap (hey, $15.75 for this show), so the idea that a band would charge over $100 for a ticket was insane for me. Unfortunately, once the bar was raised, it became the norm. Personally, I still can’t bring myself to pay that much money for a single band—a festival, ok—but not a single act.

Anyway, rant over. Have a rockin’ day and enjoy some music.

3 thoughts on “Don Henley with Katrina and the Waves: 8/2/1985

  1. I saw the Eagles in 1977. I liked their music a lot when I was younger and that’s when they were hugely popular. But compared to a lot of bands, they weren’t really performers. They all stood on stage and stayed in one spot without moving much! Of course we were really far back so we couldn’t see much anyway. I think I would have liked seeing Katrina and the Waves!

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