X, Los Lobos, and the Blasters: 5/7/2016


First off, I hate these e-Tickets, but I bought tickets to this show at the last minute before travelling to Los Angeles to visit my daughter, so I had to bite the bullet and forego a real ticket.

I was pretty psyched for this concert, especially since I had never seen X or the Blasters before (I had seen Los Lobos once). And I figured seeing three L.A. bands together in L.A. would be very cool.

The Novo (formerly the Nokia Theater) is a great venue. We literally had the last row in the balcony, but no matter; the slope was steep so even being in the last row we had a great view of the stage and the sound was excellent.

So, now for the good, the bad, and the ugly.

First off, I was tired. I flew from the east coast the day of the show, so when it started at 9:00, it felt like Midnight to me and I had been awake for a long time already. Then, in addition to the three bands already on the bill, they had a fourth band opening, and they kind of sucked (can’t recall their name – blocked it from my memory). So when the Blasters came out around 10ish Pacific Time, I was feeling the jet lag. But, the Blasters were awesome and perked me up.

Los Lobos played next and they were REALLY awesome, way better than when I saw them the first time. I actually got a real boost in their set.

Then came an interminable wait while X set up. I was fading fast, as was my daughter. Finally, they took the stage around 12:30. As psyched as I was to see them, I was not feeling the energy. They seemed pretty lack-luster after two really hot sets. We stayed for a few songs and then Exene Cervenka stopped the show because a fight broke out in the front. That about did us in. We decided it was time to go.

It probably wasn’t the brightest move to go to a show while jet-lagged, but I’m glad I went. Got to check a couple other bands off my list. I would probably even see X again, but only if it was a local show and earlier.

Rock on!


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