Ozzy Osbourne – Blizzard of Ozz: 9/11-12/1981


I decided to put both of these stubs into one post, mainly because the distinction between the two shows is not that clear for me. But the overall experience is still vivid.

I went both nights with my friend Jim. I was pretty psyched. I’d always loved Black Sabbath and now Ozzy was back with a hot young guitarist, Randy Rhoads. The Blizzard of Ozz tour was Ozzy’s first solo tour since leaving Black Sabbath, and they also had a great up-and-coming opening act: Def Leppard. So for less than $10 a ticket, I was definitely going to catch both nights.

Def Leppard was great as an opener. They were young and energetic, and this was pre-Pyromania so they had not started down the mainstream road yet.

Ozzy was incredible! The first night we stayed in our seats, but the second night we went up front along with all the head-banging crazies. And Randy Rhoads was mind-blowing on the guitar. I remember leaving the concert, ears ringing, and thinking that they were as good if not better than when I had seen Black Sabbath.

Unfortunately, Randy Rhoads would die tragically way too soon.

Thanks to Wikipedia, I was able to get the setlist from this show. It was the same both nights, but that was not a problem. Hell, I’d pay to see the same set again today. Anyway, here’s the setlist.

“O Fortuna” (Carl Orff – Audio Introduction)

  1. “I Don’t Know”
  2. “Crazy Train”
  3. “Believer”
  4. “Mr. Crowley”
  5. “Flying High Again”
  6. “Revelation Mother Earth”
  7. “Steal Away the Night”
  8. “Tommy Aldridge drum solo”
  9. “No Bone Movies”
  10. “Suicide Solution” [+ “Randy Rhoads guitar solo”]
  11. “Iron Man”
  12. “Children of the Grave”
  13. “Paranoid”  [Encore]

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