Genesis: 3/1/1987


I don’t remember a whole lot about this concert. I don’t even recall who it was I went with. I do remember not being very impressed with the show. We had seats in the upper deck way in the back, and Genesis was not able to connect with a stadium crowd, in my humble opinion. I remember them opening with “Mama,” which was good, but then as I watched the ants mill about on stage, and had to sit through a plethora of their poppy songs, I lost interest rapidly. I did manage to make it through the entire show, in spite of it all.

Peter Gabriel solo was way better in concert than Genesis with Phil Collins at the helm. But that’s just my opinion.

Anyway, I found the setlist online, so here it is. Really, that’s about all I have to share on this show. Rock on!


  •  Mama
  •  Abacab
  •  Domino
  •  That’s All
  •  The Brazilian
  •  In the Cage
  •  …In That Quiet Earth
  •  Afterglow
  •  Land of Confusion
  •  Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
  •  Throwing It All Away
  •  Home by the Sea
  •  Second Home by the Sea
  •  Invisible Touch
  •  Drum Duet
  •  Los Endos


  •  Turn It On Again

3 thoughts on “Genesis: 3/1/1987

  1. Totally agree. Genesis without Gabriel was like, I dunno, a hotdog bun without the hotdog. Well, maybe that’s a bit too harsh. Phil Collins is a talent in his own right. And an amazing drummer. “Selling England by the Pound” did very well in Canada. I think it’s a masterpiece.


    • SEBTP is an amazing album! I have it on vinyl and still listen to it. BTW – there is a Canadian band called The Musical Box that is an unbelievable early Genesis tribute band. Usually not a big fan of tribute bands, but these guys are amazing. I saw them and they performed Selling England in its entirety, with full stage show. Worth seeing!

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