The Allman Brothers Band: 10/22/1980


Throughout the years, I have seen the Allmans many times, but this was the first time seeing them live, and it was awesome. I went with my friend Mark and we had to rely on our parents to shuttle us to and from the show. But what a show it was! The Sunrise was such a small, intimate venue, and our seats were very close to the stage. They played for a long time, even though the number of actual songs was relatively small, but they jammed each song to the fullest, including a version of “Whipping Post” that must have been at least 20 minutes.

I was able to locate the setlist from the show, so here it is.

  • Don’t Want You No More
  • It’s Not My Cross to Bear
  • In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
  • I Got a Right to Be Wrong
  • From the Madness of the West
  • Angeline
  • Southbound
  • One Way Out
  • Jessica
  • Whipping Post
  • Midnight Rider

2 thoughts on “The Allman Brothers Band: 10/22/1980

    • Yeah, I always felt the Allmans were the best of all the “Southern” rock bands. They kind of brought the jam band feel to the Southern rock. I had tickets once to see The Grateful Dead and the Allmans together, but they cancelled the show 😦 It was painful having to return that ticket.

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