David Grisman Bluegrass Experience: 3/18/2017

This was a somewhat pricey ticket for a show at the Grey Eagle, which is a bar and essentially standing room only (unless you paid $75 for a seat). But, I had never seen Grisman and figured I should jump at the opportunity to do so, and I am glad I did. I was supposed to go with my friend Robert to this show, but he was sick so he told me to give away his ticket. I called a few people and ended up giving it to my friend Bob, a mandolin/guitar player that I am currently in a band with, so it went to someone who appreciated the music.

The show was sold out, so the place was cramped and hot, but no one seemed to care. There was an opening band (the name evaded me) that also played traditional bluegrass, and they were good. They got the crowd excited. Then Grisman’s band came out. They were outstanding. They basically played unplugged, each member stepping up to one of the several microphones set up on stage when it was time to solo. But what made this show truly special was the surprise guest: Bobby Hicks, the fiddler from Bill Monroe’s group. He basically sat in for the second half of the set, and it was awesome. I managed to get a good picture with my phone.

I wish I had more to share, but was unable to locate the set list. It was an excellent concert and I am really glad I went.

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