John Fogerty: 10/22/1986

This was one of those embarrassing memories. I was pretty psyched to see John Fogerty, but unfortunately, none of my friends shared my enthusiasm, so I ended up going by myself. Since I was alone and bored before the show, I spent a little more money at the beverage booth than I probably should have. The first act came on, and I became very aware of that certain unease in my stomach, so I made a rapid dash to the bathroom and actually made it into a stall (which thankfully was clean). After getting quite sick, I made it back to my seat and sat there alone, not feeling all that well.

Fogerty came out, and he sounded good. I remember hearing about five songs, and then the next thing I knew, I was being awoken by a man with a broom, the harsh lights jarring my brain: “Time to go home. Concert’s over.” I looked around and I was the last person there, except for the staff cleaning up. I dragged myself out of the venue and went to the bus stop. I tried to console myself with the fact that I did get to see a few songs, but honestly, I was feeling pretty depressed about the whole affair.

Oh well, these things happened at concerts back in the day.

6 thoughts on “John Fogerty: 10/22/1986

  1. I bought his 80s lp and was mildly disappointed, except for a song or two. Too bad you had a lousy experience. I went to a concert once alone. I *had* to go but I didn’t have the greatest time.


      • For me it was more about the stigma of being alone. Someone actually made an insulting comment on the subway platform, on the way down to Maple Leaf Gardens. This story is feeling tired… I’ve probably already mentioned it here as well!

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  2. That happened to me at the one Tom Petty show I saw in the 90s…it was quick… “Yes there is Tom Petty!”…for what seemed like 5 minutes later… “There goes Tom Petty!”…it was over.

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