Chris Robinson Brotherhood: 8/10/2017

I had seen The Black Crowes several times and enjoyed them, so every time that I saw Chris Robinson performing with a solo project, I was tempted to go, but ended up missing them for one reason or another. This time, I got tickets for my wife and I, and I’m glad I did.

As much as I like The Black Crowes, I have to say that I thought the Brotherhood was better live, even though I was unfamiliar with their music. They had a definite energy that was lacking the times I saw the Crowes, and it also seemed that Chris had matured musically. I found the songs more complex and interesting. Not that I have a problem with straight 3-chord rock and roll, but it was refreshing to see an artist exploring new musical realms, and not just rehashing the same crap with some different musicians.

The Orange Peel, for those of you have never been there, is standing room only. Both my wife and I had been working a lot leading up to this show, and we were getting ready to take a vacation to Spain in two days. So we were both tired. We rallied and rocked out for the first set, but then the band took a really long break, and I felt my energy level dropping. About halfway through the second set, my wife suggested we cut out. I was totally OK with that. I felt like I had gotten a good sense of what Chris’ band was like, and I really wanted to get some rest before the long trip.

I did find the full set list online, so here it is. Rock on!

Set 1:

  • Forever as the Moon
  • High Is Not the Top
  • Hark, The Herald Hermit Speaks
  • Wheel Don’t Roll
  • Blue Star Woman
  • Boppin’ the Blues
  • Blonde Light of Morning
  • Clear Blue Sky & The Good Doctor
  • Sunday Sound

Set 2:

  • Good to Know
  • Little Lizzie Mae
  • Can You Hear Me
  • If You Had a Heart to Break
  • Try It Baby
  • Vibration & Light Suite
  • Ride
  • Star or Stone
  • Behold the Seer


  • There Won’t Be Anymore

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