Dokken: 7/27/1986

My friend Jim asked me if I wanted to go to this show. “Hey man! Let’s go rockin’ with Dokken!” I have to say that this band was not even on my radar, but I figured, what the hell. Button South was usually a fun place to hang out, and I’ll go see just about any band once.

I did not know a single song that they played. My thoughts were – meh, they were an OK metal band. Not really my thing, but not the worst band I had seen. I know there are people out there that really like this band, and I have seen lots of praise on the various guitar email newsletters to which I subscribe, but personally, I just never saw the attraction. To me, they were just mediocre. Still, saw them and another band to check off the list.

Rock on!

7 thoughts on “Dokken: 7/27/1986

  1. I thought for the most part from Tooth And Nail to Back For The Attack they were one of the better LA bands at the time..
    1986 would have been a great tour as that was Under Lock and Key album they were promoting which has a great track called ‘The Hunter”

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  2. There’s something so cool about the old style ticket. Do they even have them any more? I was surprised when my bro took us to a hockey game a few years ago that he printed the ticket up at home. Now it’s probably “show your ticket with the app.”


    • Agreed, and yes, you can still buy physical tickets, but companies encourage electronic or print at home so they can save 50 cents. I feel bad for people when i see their ugly sheets of printer paper or flashing their phones at the gate. They are giving up something special, imho.

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