The Moody Blues: 11/26/1986

The details of this show are a little fuzzy. I remember going with a group of friends and having a really good time. The Broward County Fair would always have a bunch of musical acts of varying genres, everything from country to new wave to classic rock. I was definitely psyched to see the Moodys again, and for only $8 plus fair admission, it was quite the deal.

The concert was held at the racetrack, so seating was in the grandstand. I recall having a good view of the stage, and the band seemed to be enjoying themselves. My friends and I were on our feet pretty much the whole time. Other than that, all I remember are fragments and songs.

I searched for the setlist but could not find one from this specific show. I did, however, find a setlist from another show on the same tour which seems to be about right with what I remember (distinctly remember Gemini Dream > The Voice to open, and Ride My See-Saw for an encore). Anyway, here is the setlist from the Indianapolis show on June 20, 1986.


  • Gemini Dream
  • The Voice
  • Rock ‘N’ Roll Over You
  • Tuesday Afternoon
  • Your Wildest Dreams
  • Isn’t Life Strange
  • The Story in Your Eyes
  • It May Be a Fire
  • Painted Smile
  • Reflective Smile
  • Veteran Cosmic Rocker
  • New Horizons
  • Talking Out of Turn
  • The Other Side of Life
  • I’m Just a Singer (In a Rock and Roll Band)
  • Nights in White Satin
  • Legend of a Mind
  • Question


  • Ride My See-Saw

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