Van Halen: 4/7/1986

This concert is filed under the “Why the Hell Did I Pay to See Van Halen Again” category. This was like the fifth time I went to see them, and other than when they opened for Black Sabbath in 1978, I thought they sucked every time. (Note: Two of those five times they also opened for the Stones.) Anyway, I had hopes that with Sammy Hagar singing they would be less goofy than when David Lee Roth was the frontman, and they were, but still, I got bored pretty quickly. Honestly, having seen Sammy solo a few times, I thought he was better on his own than with Van Halen. Bottom line is I left early. I could not justify battling the horrific Sportatorium traffic to stay until the end of what, to me, was a mediocre show at best.

Anyway, here’s the setlist, courtesy of the internet.


  • You Really Got Me
  • There’s Only One Way to Rock
  • Summer Nights
  • Get Up
  • Drum Solo
  • Why Can’t This Be Love
  • 5150
  • Bass Solo
  • Panama
  • Best of Both Worlds
  • Love Walks In
  • Good Enough
  • Guitar Solo (Eruption, Cathedral & Spanish Fly)
  • I Can’t Drive 55
  • Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love


  • Jump
  • (Unknown)
  • Rock and Roll

6 thoughts on “Van Halen: 4/7/1986

  1. Crazy that you did not like these guys not once not twice but five times…YIKES!
    I would have loved to seen them open for The Stones ….
    Hagar I have seen solo as well on the VOA tour and that was a great show…

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    • Hey man. I did like them the first time I saw them when they opened for Sabbath. They totally kicked ass that time. But after that, it was like they were screwing around on stage. The bar was set high in the beginning, and they just could never live up to their early first album days.

      Seen Stones like five times, and VH was the weakest of all the openers they had. Saw Living Colour open for them, Dave Mathews, Smashing Pumpkins w Marilyn Manson as a guest vocalist. Have to dig up some more Stones stubs soon 😉

      Rock on!

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