The Cars: 10/24/1987

I don’t remember with whom I went to see this concert, but I remember the show. This concert was excellent. The Cars were one of those bands, kind of like Cheap Trick, that held a warm place in my heart growing up. While not my favorite band, I really really liked them, and even today, hearing their music brings me back to more carefree days.

I recall that the stage show was very cool. I am pretty sure there was some large automaton that came out, unless I imagined that. Musically, the high points for me were “Candy-O,” “Moving in Stereo,” and “Drive.”

While some of the new wave bands sound dated today, The Cars do not. When I listen to them (and I still do), they sound as vibrant and current as they did in the 80’s. I feel pretty fortunate that I got to see them back in the day, especially before Benjamin Orr got sick and passed away. Seeing him sing “Drive” was truly moving.

Here’s the full setlist.


  • Tonight She Comes
  • Touch and Go
  • Double Trouble
  • My Best Friend’s Girl
  • Everything You Say
  • Since You’re Gone
  • Fine Line
  • Let’s Go
  • Strap Me In
  • Candy-O
  • Moving in Stereo
  • Dangerous Type
  • Drive
  • You Are the Girl
  • Good Times Roll
  • You Might Think
  • Hello Again


  • Just What I Needed
  • Magic

6 thoughts on “The Cars: 10/24/1987

  1. Man oh man..another stellar show… Look at that setlist ….Hit after Hit!
    I just picked up Panorama about a month ago on vinyl!
    Love that album…so quirky yet so cool!

    I really dig the fact that you have no idea who u went with but u remember the show!

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    • Ha ha! Yeah, there were lots of shows like that, and some where I look at the stub and don’t even remember going to the show. Oh well, that was the 80s. Glad you liked the post. Got some other cool ones on deck 😀

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  2. The Cars are a bookmark in my young adult life. I can still hear them being blasted out into my freshman quad in college. That’s back when everyone turned their stereo speakers out the windows, long before the earbud era!

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