Guns n’ Roses with Soundgarden: 12/31/1991

I was never a huge GnR fan, but I like some of their stuff. When I heard they were holding a big New Year’s Eve concert with Soundgarden, and some of my good friends were going, I figured this would be the time to check them out and scratch them off the list of bands to be seen.

The concert was being held at Joe Robbie Stadium, which kind of sucked. I’m not a fan of stadium shows, but such is life. One thing that made me chuckle, though, upon getting my ticket, was the statement *Showtime Approximate*. Axl was notorious for showing up late for performances (or not showing up at all), so the audience was duly warned.

We got there and our seats were straight back, lower section. Soundgarden came out and started their set, and some asshole in the upper deck started tossing down M-80s, one of which exploded at my feet. I was beyond pissed and stormed upstairs, seeking out the jerk with every intention of having an altercation, but alas, I could not find him. He either moved on or ran out of ammunition.

After what seemed like an unusually long time, GnR took the stage and kicked right into “Welcome to the Jungle.” I have to say, I was pretty impressed by the energy with which they opened the show. Reminded me of how I felt when I saw The Clash and they exploded on stage with “London Calling.” Even sitting at the back of Joe Robbie Stadium, I felt the power of the music emanating from the stage.

The band played a long time, and the show was killer. I gained a new level of respect for the band, and understood why people liked them so much. I still don’t own any Guns n’ Roses albums, but I have good memories of seeing them live and tend to turn the volume up a bit when one of their songs comes on the radio.

Here’s the setlist.

  • Welcome to the Jungle
  • Mr. Brownstone
  • Live and Let Die
  • Attitude
  • Nightrain
  • Bad Obsession
  • Double Talkin’ Jive
  • Civil War
  • It’s So Easy
  • Patience (w Wild Horses intro)
  • Rocket Queen
  • November Rain
  • You Could Be Mine
  • Matt Sorum Drum Solo
  • Slash Guitar Solo
  • Speak Softly Love (Love Theme From The Godfather)
  • Sweet Child O’ Mine (with Sail Away Sweet Sister… more )
  • Don’t Cry
  • Move to the City
  • Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door  (w Only Women Bleed intro)
  • Estranged
  • Paradise City

14 thoughts on “Guns n’ Roses with Soundgarden: 12/31/1991

  1. Caught the opening night of the Illusion Tour May of 91 in Alpine Valley Wisconsin! Skid Row opened and Guns with Stradlin at the time were on fire!
    Course it was a full 4 months before the albums were released but a that time back in May of 91 me and my biddy thought that night Guns were the best band in the world…
    Fast Forward to Sept of 92 and Guns got there asses handed to them by Metallica on there co headline tour…
    Too bad they were fried as Guns had that horn section and when they covered Wild Horses it went on for about 10 minutes …
    Buzz Kill but yeah that first time seeing em…Phenomenal!

    Here’s one of my first ever reviews …


    • Yeah, I think GnR is a hit-or-miss band. They can be great, or they can suck royally. And they were doomed to implode, kind of like Hole. I remember when I saw Hole thinking “They are f–in awesome, but no way they can last. Too volatile.”

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  2. How cool is it to see these two bands on New Years Eve. Way cool!
    What the heck, Soundgarden opened for GnR?? You didn’t get Soundgarden’s set list? I like that approximate time on the ticket lol

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    • No, I did not find it online. has tons of setlists from shows going way back, but some are not there, which is understandable. Hope you have a great day, and let’s hope that concerts start back up again soon.

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      • I was at that concert too. Remember Axl cussing and threatening to walk because they were shooting bottle rockets at the stage from the crowd. I was a 19 yr old kid from the panhandle standing in Joe Robbie Stadium on New Year’s Eve going WTF lol. It’s still my all time “ you think that’s cool, we’ll I saw GnR New Year’s Eve”

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      • Yeah, South Florida crowd was out of control that night. Although far from the best show I’ve seen, I agree, it was pretty cool. Cheers!


  3. I drove down to Miami from Clearwater on New Year’s Eve to see that show during winter break (I was a student at UF at the time). I vaguely remember Live and Let Die, but not much else from the show. And I don’t remember Soundgarden at all (and wouldn’t have been all that familiar with them in ’91 anyway).

    Saw GNR again a few years ago in DC (with Alice in Chains) and it was awesome (except they didn’t play Move to the City, which I was hoping for). Closed out with Paradise City.

    Oh, and I saw elsewhere that tix for this show were about $17 a pop. Which seems unbelievable to me now; the DC show was around $50/person.

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    • Thanks for sharing your memories about this and the other GnR show. Yeah, ticket prices have certainly gone way up. Even $50 seems cheap nowadays. Anyway, hope you have a rockin 2022!


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