The Struts: 10/10/2018

When I first heard The Struts, I was on the fence, leaning toward “meh.” But friends of mine who are big music fans insisted that they are great in concert and that I should definitely see them. So when I heard they were coming to town, and the ticket prices were reasonable ($20, cheaper than parking at some shows), I figured I would go and check them out. So I grabbed tickets for my wife and I.

The concert was mid-week, so we had to go over there after work and dinner, which meant we would be a little late getting there. But thankfully, my friend Bill, who is a music writer and has a great blog, had interviewed the band before the show and secured seats for us.

There were two opening acts, and we got there in time to catch the second one, White Reaper. They were OK as far as openers go. After a short break, The Struts took the stage.

They were over-the-top glam. My wife commented that the singer was like a cross between Freddie Mercury and Lady Gaga. I can see that. He was definitely flamboyant. Musically, the band was tight, and they had the crowd rockin’ from beginning to end. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. And while I still feel that their songwriting could be honed a little, their energy on stage makes up for it with juice to spare.

Here’s a couple pictures I took from the show, as well as the setlist.


  • Primadonna Like Me
  • Body Talks
  • Kiss This
  • Fire (Part 1)
  • Dirty Sexy Money
  • People
  • One Night Only
  • Dancing in the Dark
  • Mary Go Round
  • Put Your Money on Me
  • Bulletproof Baby
  • Where Did She Go


  • Somebody New
  • Ashes (Part 2)
  • Could Have Been Me

7 thoughts on “The Struts: 10/10/2018

  1. Nice writeup and pictures to Boot!
    Bam….everyone really digs these guys and fair enough..Guess I need to as well!
    Your wife is right Jeff he does from a distance look like Mercury!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, that would have been cool. I have some pics from Hampton and the Cap Center, but those are parking lot pics. I guess we will have to rely on mental images 😀


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