Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: 7/5/1989

This is one of those concerts that is a little foggy. I remember pieces of this show, and I distinctly remember really liking it, but the details are lost. I tried to find the setlist online, figuring that would spark some more memories, but alas, could not find one. What I do recall from this show is “American Girl” and “Even the Losers,” two of my favorite Petty tunes. Also, during “Don’t Come Around Here No More,” I recall that they had a cool liquid light show, which was appropriate.

I wish I had more to share about this one. I know it was great. But alas, that’s all I have. Rock on!

10 thoughts on “Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: 7/5/1989

  1. ‘This is one of those concerts that is a little foggy.’

    One of the Greatest opening lines ever for a concert review! HAHAHA…
    Followed by …

    ‘I recall that they had a cool liquid light show, which was appropriate.’
    Awesome….I’m thinking was this the Full Moon Fever Tour if it’s from 89? That is such a great record so this would have been a great show considering the Fog machine was in full effect for you by that point!

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    • Actually, it was the “Strange Behavior” tour. When the going gets strange, the strange get going – LOL. Glad you appreciated the post. FYI – Christmas Jam was great. Still trying to wrangle up the full setlists for each night. No luck so far. Will give it another week, and if nothing, will do my best to post on it. Rock on!

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    • Aw hell! I demand real tickets. I know TicketMobster wants everyone to either scan their phone or print their own ugly bar codes, but I will spend the extra few dollars and get an actual ticket. Just scored Stones tix, and they are real printed tickets.

      Anyway, glad you are hitting more shows. Anything on the horizon for you?

      Rock on!

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      • I want to see Mark Knopfler but I can’t bring myself to pay $150 per ticket to stand at the back. We don’t really have anything lined up. We usually go to smaller shows in pubs and the local Casinos to avoid TM. Some more shows should get announce the closer we get to some of the date. I’d love to see the Stones! That is so cool that you are going!

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      • Man, I hear you. Concert prices are out of control. Tried to get tix for McCartney but the bots got em first and I was not gonna spent $300++ a ticket. I also prefer smaller shows. Rather support a young and energetic band than some older group looking to capitalize on glory days. That said, I had to catch the Stones one last time. LOL – I paid $5 the first time I saw them. Not this time 😳


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