Jeff Lynne’s ELO and Dhani Harrison: 6/24/2019

Some of you may have noticed that I have not posted in a while. That’s because I moved and am now a California dude. And what better way to get settled into a new state than by going to see a concert.

Electric Light Orchestra has been on my short list of bands I want to see but have not had the opportunity. I can now check them off the list. I managed to get tickets for my wife and I, which were cheap seats way in the back, but this actually worked out for the best, because the light show was mind-blowing.

Anyway, getting ahead of myself.

Dhani Harrison opened the show. If his name seems familiar, yes, he’s George Harrison’s son, and quite a good musician. His songs were cool and he had a unique sound, but his voice definitely sounded like his dad’s on a few songs. It was nice to have an opener who was actually good.

After a brief intermission, ELO took the stage. Wow! Incredible sound, even in a big arena. And the lights—mesmerizing. But what was most astonishing about the show was just how many hits they had. I recognized every song, and they played a long time. The band was comprised of multiple keyboardists, cellists, a violinist, and stellar backing vocals, so every song they played sounded spot on. Even “Xanadu,” my least favorite ELO tune, was cool.

Another treat was when Dhani Harrison joined ELO on stage and performed “Handle with Care” by the Traveling Wilburys. He nailed his dad’s part, and the vibe was just really good.

I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of shows here on the west coast. For now, here’s the setlist from this one. Rock on!

  • Standin’ in the Rain
  • Evil Woman
  • All Over the World
  • Showdown
  • Do Ya
  • When I Was a Boy
  • Livin’ Thing
  • Handle With Care (with Dhani Harrison)
  • Last Train to London
  • Rockaria!
  • Xanadu
  • 10538 Overture
  • Shine a Little Love
  • Wild West Hero
  • Sweet Talkin’ Woman
  • Telephone Line
  • Don’t Bring Me Down
  • Turn to Stone
  • Mr. Blue Sky


  • Roll Over Beethoven

11 thoughts on “Jeff Lynne’s ELO and Dhani Harrison: 6/24/2019

  1. Jeff Cali!
    Indeed, welcome back!
    Looks like a fantastic concert to have seen in your new state!
    ELO man ,you are right just one hit after another. I like the fact that they jammed a little Wilbury’s as well. That is a real slick move!
    Once again glad you are back!

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  2. Oh wow, Jeff – that’s a big move! Glad you found a concert to go to right away! I haven’t thought of ELO in a long time, but loved them years ago. Congratulations on your move – looking forward to more stubs!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve always liked them and I’m a huge Beatle fan so I would have loved to see Dhani. I had my tickets…

    I was going to see them a couple of weeks later in Nashville…I had my tickets and was more than ready to go. Then… I was having a kidney stone (my first and hopefully last) blasted that wasn’t blasted enough…after time in a hospital…I missed the show. I felt bad enough and missing that didn’t help.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Oh yea…the stupid thing blocked my kidney for a while…I’m fine now.
        I’ve was swamped at work…I need to read about that…I didn’t see that…thank you!

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