Neil Young: 2/6/1983

This was my first time seeing Neil Young, and I was really psyched. Neil was such a huge influence on me as a young guitarist (pun intended). He was performing two shows at the James L. Knight Center in Miami, and I don’t recall why, but I only got a ticket to see him on the second night.

The Knight Center was a great venue in downtown Miami, relatively small and with great acoustics. There was not a bad seat anywhere in the house.

This was a solo tour in support of the Trans album, which had come out the previous year. It was just Neil by himself with various guitars, harmonicas, keyboards, and a banjo. He took his time, selecting what instrument to play, and seemed 100% comfortable on stage. And he played for a long time, not shying away from songs that usually have a full band (“Powderfinger” and “Down by the River” come to mind).

I would go on to see Neil multiple times in the future, including four times with Crazy Horse, but this first time seeing him holds a magical place in my heart.

Here’s the setlist, and may Neil keep on rockin’ for many more years.


  • Comes a Time
  • Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
  • Down by the River
  • Only Love Can Break Your Heart
  • Soul of a Woman
  • Are There Any More Real Cowboys?
  • Cowgirl in the Sand
  • My Boy
  • Helpless
  • Dance, Dance, Dance
  • Southern Man
  • Don’t Be Denied
  • The Losing End
  • Cortez the Killer
  • Powderfinger
  • Ohio
  • Sail Away
  • After the Gold Rush
  • Transformer Man
  • My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)
  • Mr. Soul
  • Sugar Mountain
  • I Am a Child
  • Computer Age

7 thoughts on “Neil Young: 2/6/1983

  1. Just watched Remember My Name, about David Crosby, made by Cameron Crowe– who first interviewed Neil Young in 1974, when CSNY were on tour with Joni Mitchell. I saw it on Starx, but I’m sure it’s on many other places.

    I saw that tour, at Nassau Coliseum– way too many people! (which is generally feel about many mega-concerts).

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    • Hey Jim. Hope you’re well. Yeah, that was a great documentary. Nassau Coliseum was pretty huge. Went to one show there way back when. Thanks for stopping by,


  2. Neil Young lived in Thunder Bay for about 10 minutes back in the 60s lol.
    My collection is patchy at best but I really dig that tune Downtown.
    Thats quite a setlist.

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    • Neil is super-prolific, and not only does he keep putting out music, he keeps putting out good music, which is not easy after so many years. I know he is planning to tour with Crazy Horse once this covid thing eases up. If he heads your way, I highly recommend going to see him. He’s an icon and always puts on a great performance.

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    • Hi Barb. Hope you and your family are well. Yeah, Neil is just incredible. We are pretty fortunate to be sharing the planet at the same time as Neil. Thanks for stopping by and stay safe.

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