Crosby and Nash: 9/30/2007

I recently watched the David Crosby documentary, which was sad because it showed how messed up he was and how he burned bridges and lost all his musical friends. I did get to see Crosby, Stills and Nash before this show, but I don’t have a stub (it was an outside festival gig and I just payed my admission at the gate).

I went with my wife to this concert and we saw friends of ours there, which was nice, even if we were not sitting together.

The show was very good, and David and Graham harmonized beautifully together. The selection of songs was also great, spanning their long career together. As I reflect back on this show, I again feel sad knowing that these two will never perform together again, that the animosity is too great to overcome. But at least we have the wealth of music they created together.

Here is the setlist, and thanks David and Graham for the great music that you brought to us through the years.

Set 1:

  • Military Madness
  • Marrakesh Express
  • Long Time Gone
  • Lay Me Down
  • Immigration Man
  • In My Dreams
  • I Used to Be a King
  • Carry Me
  • Cathedral
  • Déjà Vu

Set 2:

  • Guinnevere
  • Milky Way Tonight
  • Just a Song Before I Go
  • Naked in the Rain
  • Wasted on the Way
  • Jesus of Rio
  • To the Last Whale…A. Critical Mass B. Wind on the Water
  • Almost Cut My Hair
  • Wooden Ships


  • Our House
  • Teach Your Children

6 thoughts on “Crosby and Nash: 9/30/2007

  1. Very sad! I saw the documentary and was surprised by their dislike of each other. I also watched a YouTube video of them performing Long Time Gone live a few years back. David’s vocal really amazed me. He hasn’t lost any of the tone or intonation of his voice.

    Never got to see them live 😦

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    • Yeah, it’s sad that stuff like that happens, but it happens to everyone. I could rattle off a list of friends with whom I no longer speak. People change, and when you are in a situation where you are with the same group for a really long time, it can be tough. That’s why so few bands remain together for a long period of time. There are some. If you want an interesting contrast to CSN, watch the ZZ Top documentary “Little Ol Band from Texas.” Pretty sure it’s on Netflix. They have had the same members since their inception and have gone through all kinds of stuff together. It was very interesting.

      Hope you are well, and thanks for commenting.

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  2. Crosby really put his foot in his mouth… I saw CSN in the 80s. I was walking to the concessions and those voices…I could feel them go through me…I’ve never experienced that again.

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    • Yeah, it was in the 80s that I saw CSN also. Crosby was so morbidly obese at the time I was having a hard time grokking how he was even able to hold his guitar. But his vocals were incredible and the three of them together created something greater than the sum of their individual talents.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope you and yours stay safe and healthy. Rock on!

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