“I may be old, but I got to see all the cool bands.”

This quote certainly applies to how I feel, although I would have to be honest and say “most of the cool bands.” I remember my mom taking me to my first concert in the 70s, which was Rod Stewart and the Faces with Peter Frampton as the opening act at the Nassau Coliseum. Unfortunately, I do not have this stub. But over the years, I have built quite a collection of ticket stubs from concerts I attended.

The concert ticket stub is a piece of music history, and for a while was a work of art. After thinking about ways to organize my ticket stubs, I thought that it would be cool to scan them, post them online, and include my thoughts and memories of the show or artist.

When I attend shows now, I see people scanning bar codes on their cell phones to get in, or holding sheets of paper with printed “tickets” to gain access to a concert. It makes me kind of sad that the stub may be disappearing, replaced by the virtual ticket. Hopefully, this will inspire people to start requesting physical tickets again and saving their stubs. The ticket stub is memorabilia and should be treated as such.

Rock on!

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  1. I’m like you,I don’t have my first concert stub either which was Uriah Heep and Kiss in 77 but I tried to keep as many as I could and they do tell a story of your life if you look at it in a way.I did travel back in the 80’s and I got to see a lot of bands that never came down here to FL and I treasure those shows I seen more than all just because I seen the bands in their prime,some would take a few years to come down to FL.

    But these days it looks like it’s something of the past,last time I got a decent stub was for a show at a bar and times have changed for me as well as I don’t go see bands that are charging outrageous amounts,even if I love the band it’s just not my thing,for example Black Sabbath what they charged on their last tour cost more than the seven times I seen them all together and to see them play a set that they have been playing since I last saw them just isn’t worth it to me.

    I wish I still could remember every or some detail about the shows I went to because I always wanted to make a blog like this but never had all the info that I would have wanted to share.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Nice first show! I too cannot justify spending exorbitant amounts on concerts. I pride myself on never hitting the $100 for a concert (except for multi-day festivals). My two most expensive tix were Joni Mitchell, and Roger Waters doing The Wall. They were in each in the $90 range.


  2. Hi Jeff,
    I have collected stubs as well. I don’t have the ticket stub from my first concert, which was the Guess Who, on July 20, 1969. Yes, missed the lunar landing on tv for my love of music. I was only 11. Somewhere I have a list of all of the concerts that I have attended. I am grateful for having seen so many of the old 60’s and 70’s rock bands, especially the older I get.

    Yes, it’s too bad about the lack of ticket stubs now days.

    Thank you for visiting my blog too!

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  3. I love my stubs! Great idea for a blog to feature this. I like the stubs where people actually took the time to make look good. I started going at 15 I believe in 1982. I have all of my stubs except for the Temptations that a buddy of mine and I snuck into in the 80s at Opryland.

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    • Yeah, I have a lot, but I lost many too, and of course, there were plenty of free shows that I did not get stubs from. At some point, I will post the list of bands I saw that I don’t have stubs for, stuff like Tommy James and the Shondells, Blood Sweat and Tears, and Warren Haynes jammin with Mick Taylor from the Stones, to list a few.

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      • You got to see Rod Stewart and the Faces…that is awesome! I saw Rod in the mid 80s but the Faces rocked.
        Mick Taylor…he was the best guitarist the Stones ever had…no disrespect to Keith but Taylor is great.
        Tommy James and Blood Sweat and Tears…that is cool.
        The band I’m so happy I got to see when they were still in their 30s was The Kinks…I put that concert up there with the Stones…they were raw, loud, and came right at you.

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