Beatles – LOVE (Cirque du Soleil): 1/28/2018

This is the third and final show that my wife and I saw on our Las Vegas trip. Lots of people had raved about how great the show is, and since I had never seen a cirque du soleil performance before, I figured it was something worth checking out. It definitely lived up to all the hype and my expectations.

My initial impression of cirque du soleil is that it was amazing, visually stunning, but somewhat disorienting. So much was happening at the same time that it was a veritable assault on the senses. I did not know which way to look, and frequently felt like I was missing something. But everything that my eyes did take in was beautifully choreographed and executed with brilliant precision.

The music of the Beatles really lends itself well to this kind of performance. Songs like “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite” and “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” were interpreted beautifully, as were all the other pieces. There was nothing weak, and my only disappointment was that I wished it would go on longer. I enjoyed losing myself in the phantasmagoria of sight and sound, and really did not want to return to reality.

After this show, I was done with Vegas. Personally, I have no desire to ever go back there. The shows I saw were great, but the city really has nothing else to offer, since I don’t drink and work way too hard to gamble my money away. But I’m glad I went, and saw the shows I did, and am able to check Vegas off the bucket list.