Peter Gabriel: 8/4/1993


I have to say, I was FLOORED by this concert. Peter Gabriel is a musical genius, in my opinion, and his stage show was nothing short of mindblowing.

This tour was in support of his album “Us.” I really connected with that album and was listening to it a lot at that time. My wife is also a huge Gabriel fan, so when the show was announced, we immediately bought tickets.

Gabriel had two stages for this performance: a “male” stage that was your traditional stage at the end of the arena and a circular “female” stage in the center. The two stages were connected by a long runway with a conveyor belt that symbolized the connection between the masculine and the feminine.

He opened the show with “Come Talk To Me.” An old-fashioned phone booth rose out of the main (male) stage with Peter inside, singing into the telephone. As the urgency of the song increased, he began pulling on the phone line, coming out of the phone booth and making his way down the runway to the circular (female) stage, all the while tethered to the phone booth by the cable and singing into the receiver. As he finished the song on the circular stage, the telephone cable pulled him back into the isolation of the phone booth. That was just the first song… it kept getting better after that.

The entire show was nothing short of amazing. He played everything you would expect him to play and his theatrics captivated everyone there. This is one of those concerts that is forever etched in my memory.