Hamilton: 11/29/2019

So I have finally found out what all the excitement is about, and went to see Hamilton.

My wife and daughter were watching the parade on Thanksgiving morning, when a commercial came on advertising Hamilton in San Francisco, saying tickets were still available. My wife went online, and sure enough, we were able to get three tickets for the following day (we were not going to miss our shot!). The ticket prices were very reasonable, $99.00 each, which is way less than what I hear others have paid for tickets to a performance. The only down side was that the seats were not together, but we were in the same general area of the mezzanine, so that was fine.

While I’m not a huge fan of Broadway musicals, I do enjoy them, and this was definitely one of the better musicals I have seen. The songs were great, the story was engaging, and the stage was very cool. While I personally would not consider it to be $400-a-ticket good, it was well worth the hundred bucks a ticket we paid.

Since I’m not a theater critic, I don’t have much else to share. It was a cool show and I’m glad I went.

Hair – The Musical: 9/3/1989

Like every good hippie, I thought that “Hair” was about the greatest musical ever produced. I had seen some college performances, but when I learned that an actual professional performance was coming to the Hirschfeld Theatre on Miami Beach, I had to get a ticket.

I’m a little disappointed that I could not find any specifics about this production online. I recall that the lead actress was someone reasonably well-known, but for the life of me I cannot recall her name. I do remember really liking the show. The music was great, as was the acting.

I wish I had more to share about this, but alas, that’s all I got… a stub and some vague memories.