Summer Magic Music Fest with The Guess Who and Buffalo Springfield Revisited: 5/31/1987

This show was very forgettable. It was basically one of those oldies concerts that was hosted by Magic 102.7, which was the South Florida oldies station in the 80’s. The Guess Who was cool, since they did have Burton Cummings still singing with them, but Buffalo Springfield Revisited was basically a Buffalo Springfield cover band that I think might have had the bass player and drummer from the original band with them. But how a band could even have the audacity to use that name and not have Richie Furay, Stephen Stills, or Neil Young in there is beyond my comprehension.

I think there might have been one or two other bands there, but my memory of this show is cloudy. It was basically just a day hanging out by the water and enjoying a summer day in Miami while hearing some live music.