Prince: 3/28/2011


I confess that I was never a huge Prince fan, but I could appreciate his musicianship. I had passed on opportunities to see him before, but when this show came up, it was close by, reasonably priced, indoors, so I figured might as well check him out live. My wife was really psyched to go, so I bought two tickets, the cheap seats up in the top corner.

We got to Greenville, which is about an hour drive. We went to the ticket check and the person scanned our tickets, looked at the scanner, and told us to go over to a table off to the side, that we had been selected for a seat upgrade. Huh? In all my years of concert going, this was something completely new. We dutifully went and stood in line at the table, and there they reissued us seats right down in the lower level close to the secondary stage. We were pretty excited.

I can’t remember the name of the woman who opened, but she was good. I remember being a little disappointed because Chaka Khan was opening for most of Prince’s shows on this tour, but not the one in Greenville. Still, the person who opened was a great female singer and I enjoyed it.

Prince came out and had the crowd on their feet from the first song and captivated the audience for the whole show. He was excellent. He played all the hits that I wanted to hear, some stuff I was not familiar with, and did a great Sly and the Family Stone medley. His guitar playing was great, his singing was great, and he was totally energetic on stage, dancing like he did in the 90’s. I have to say that I gained a real appreciation for Prince after seeing him live. I now understand the attraction.

“Tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999!”