Smashing Pumpkins: 7/3/2007


This was one of the hardest tickets I ever managed to get. The Smashing Pumpkins decided to do a residency at the Orange Peel, a small venue here in Asheville that holds about 1000 people. They scheduled nine nights at the Orange Peel, which they followed with an eight-show residency at the Fillmore in San Francisco. Minutes before tickets went on sale, I began clicking Refresh on my computer. I got right in, scored tickets for my wife and I, and all shows sold out within about two minutes. I know more than a couple of my friends were very disappointed that they did not get in.

Night of the show, we got in the long line and made it in. It was about as packed as I have ever seen the Peel. They were selling earplugs, which we wisely purchased, because they ended up being blisteringly loud.

I had seen the Pumpkins before, but it was at a huge stadium show where they opened for the Rolling Stones (another story). Seeing them in an intimate setting was amazing. To this day I think of how fortunate I was to get to see this. They played a really long time and the show included a combination of new material and classic tunes. There was a technical mishap where one of the amps died, so they had to take an unscheduled break and acquire another amp, which they did, and then they continued.

If you are interested in listening to songs from this concert, they are all available at

Here is the setlist, and yes, the encore was a 33 minute song!

First Set
01 – I Don’t Mind (Billy solo acoustic) [04:09]
02 – Rotten Apples (Billy acoustic, Lisa on keys) [04:34]
03 – Mama (acoustic) [04:19]
04 – Question Mark (acoustic) [05:52]
05 – Drown (acoustic) [04:52]
06 – Starla [07:39]
07 – Tonight, Tonight [04:38]
08 – Starz [04:02]
09 – Zero [02:15]
10 – United States (abandoned) [04:40]

Second Set
11 – Intro Music [02:19]
12 – United States [13:18]
13 – Lucky 13 (abandoned) [04:57]
14 – Lucky 13 [04:01]
15 – Hummer [06:34]
16 – The Aeroplane Flies High (Turns Left, Looks Right) [07:26]
17 – Thirty-Three (Billy solo acoustic) [04:03]
18 – Winterlong (Billy solo acoustic) [05:42]
19 – With Every Light (acoustic) [06:30]
20 – Today [03:34]
21 > Bullet With Butterfly Wings [04:27]
22 – Tarantula [05:03]
23 – Neverlost [04:32]
24 – That’s The Way (My Love Is) [03:59]
25 > Heavy Metal Machine [08:46]

26 – Gossamer [33:57]