Barack Obama: 10/17/2011

So while this is clearly not a concert ticket stub, it’s a pretty cool ticket nonetheless.

This was an invitation-only event, and since we have friends in high places, my wife and I were invited. We arrived at the Asheville Airport early, parked, and cleared security to stand in the corralled area awaiting the arrival of the President.

I should point out that Asheville Regional Airport is small, and as I saw Air Force 1 approaching for a landing, I wondered how on earth could such a large plane land in such a small airport, but it did, without a problem.

Shortly after landing, the President stepped off the plane, climbed up onto the podium, and addressed the enthusiastic crowd. He delivered an outline on the American Jobs Act, and was then led to the waiting motorcade.

I realize that politics in this country has become pretty divisive and toxic, and I am not going to entertain any political debate in the comments. I just wanted to share another cool and unique ticket stub from my collection.