Gratefully Yours: 10/26/1991


The world is full of Grateful Dead tribute bands, but this one was unique because it featured Tom Constanten, original keyboardist for the Grateful Dead, along with David Nelson from the New Riders of the Purple Sage.

Summers on the Beach was a stereotypical Fort Lauderdale beach bar, but they used to get some decent acts in there. Being a life-long Dead fan, I was not going to miss this opportunity to see Constanten perform. Also, I do love me some NRPS, so I was psyched to see Nelson too.

The show was a lot of fun. The band sounded great and they really dug deep into the repertoire, playing some choice songs like “Mountains of the Moon” and “The Eleven.” I knew a lot of people there, since South Florida had a pretty close-knit Deadhead community. We all danced and sang along. It was just a fun night of great music.

The coolest thing, though, is that Tom Constanten came out after the show and mingled with the audience, chatting and offering to sign autographs. As you can see, I got my ticket stub signed by him. It was the perfect ending to a great night of live music.

The Musical Box: 7/22/2014


So I decided on this stub as a follow-up to my last post on Peter Gabriel. The Musical Box is a Genesis tribute band, and while tribute bands are generally not my thing (I have only seen a few over the years), I was prompted to check this band out for a couple reasons. First, I heard from several musician friends that they were outstanding. Next, I love early Genesis with Peter Gabriel and when I saw Genesis, it was without Peter (that’s another stub and another story). Finally, they were performing “Selling England By The Pound” in its entirety, which is my favorite Genesis album. I figured I would have to go and check them out.

I went with my wife, but there were also a lot of my friends there: Bill, Audrey, Chris, Bob, Anne, just to name a few. When I saw the elaborate stage setup, I knew we were in for an impressive show. They did not disappoint.

The band opened with “Watcher of the Skies” and I was wowed right off the bat. Not only did they sound like Genesis, but they looked like them. It was kind of spooky. There were times when I it almost felt like I was seeing the original and not a tribute.

From a musician’s perspective, I was very impressed by the technical ability of everyone on stage. Pulling off early Genesis and doing it well is no small feat. They were balanced, tight, clean, basically flawless in their execution.

If you’re a Genesis fan, I recommend checking this band out if you get the opportunity. They are well worth it.