Hole: 5/4/1999


I have to say that seeing Hole live gave me a real appreciation for Courtney Love’s insanity. I remember thinking that I was really glad I got to see them, because I couldn’t imagine the band holding together much longer. While they were great—and yes, they were great—you could sense things starting to come apart at the seams.

I had originally had tickets to see Hole with Marilyn Manson, but Hole canceled because Courtney and Marilyn got into some kind of nasty tiff. So when they rescheduled as a headline, we grabbed some tickets.

I went with my wife and a couple of our friends, Erin and Jim. We had pretty decent seats. Can’t tell you anything about the opening act (they were forgettable), but I do remember the painfully long wait before Hole came out. They said it was because Courtney’s flight was delayed, a not uncommon occurrence, but when she finally staggered out on stage, obviously stoned out of her mind, I had my doubts.

Despite being clearly wasted, belligerent, and obnoxious, they really were great. The energy level was high, the band was rockin’, and it was only the moments between songs when Courtney ranted about how she just played some huge festival and was now playing this little place, blah blah, that she became annoying.

One thing she did that was amusing was she gave her guitar to a young woman in the front. Not sure what became of that, whether she got to keep it or some roadie came and collected it later. Regardless, it was entertaining.

Ya know, stars burn their brightest just before they fizzle out. Hole definitely fizzled after this tour, and Courtney struggled with addiction and recovery. I’m really glad I got to see them when I did. I felt like they had just reached the top of the rollercoaster, and then began the plummet.

“It’s better to burn out, than to fade away…” – Neil Young

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