Duran Duran: 3/27/1984


I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I went to this concert, but it seems that Duran Duran has somehow become more hip, with the whole retro thing. Funny how that happens. Anyway, back in the 80s, they were about as pop as you can get. And I REALLY did not want to go to this concert, but my girlfriend at the time loved Duran Duran and wanted to go, so… that essentially meant that I was going.

I can say that I did not enjoy myself at all. Even the songs that I kind of liked were wretched to hear live. The main reason for this was the sheer volume of the screaming teenage girls. The screams would crescendo and drown out the music (a bad thing?). It did give me first-hand insight to how it must have been at a Beatles’ concert at the height of Beatlemania, because that was what it must have been like.

I don’t have anything else to share about this show. Musically, not my thing, but another band that I can say I’ve seen in concert.